PHOTO: AJ Lee’s New Tattoo!

Ryan Clark September 3, 2013 14

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  • Creature_of_the_Night


    This is STUPID.

    And a cry for attention.

    • The_Beard_is_HERE

      That’s exactly what I thought upon seeing this

  • Los Ultimo Guerrero

    Well at least her future boyfriends will have no excuse for forgetting her birthday

    • The Shield Punk

      It’s not her birthday… Is the date she won the divas championship.

  • stpetersburg

    Lame. As long as it doesn’t cover her silky skin any more though.

  • Mailbox

    Love when people hate on people’s tattoos that actually mean something to that person.

    • Creature_of_the_Night

      They ink their bodies and walk around showing it off like they are so cool, they do that in public, then people have the right to comment.

      You post your tattoo online, people have a right to comment.

      Don’t want people to? Then don’t show it to the world.

      Simple and logical.

      I always am and that’s why I’m so hated.

      People like to live in lala land.

      • Night_of_the_Creature

        So many grammatical mistakes…

      • The Governor

        Logically, you’re a douche. Simple.

  • Iain Schbeiker

    Well good for her and to those of you bitching about it, she doesn’t answer to you.

    • Creature_of_the_Night

      If she doesn’t like the comments, she shouldn’t post the pic – just because she posts the pic doesn’t mean I have to go “OH HOW WONDERFUL!”.

      Everyone wants everyone to praise everything they do.

      She could post it, and I could comment.


  • Paul_Heyman_guy

    Must be the amount of wwe talent she had screwed

  • anonymous
  • anonymous

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