PHOTO: Edge w/ New Girlfriend Beth Phoenix!

Matt Boone July 15, 2012 12

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  • Claudia Muehldorf

    Thought he is dating Beth Phoenix?

    • RuleZ

      lol my bad now title changed -.-

  • Dean Ziemba

    no to be rude buy you guys are getting sloppy, so edge with his girlfriend and with long hair so this is old, but yet didnt you just post a pic of edge with girlfriend beth pheonix? ummm which is it?

  • Brian McAbee

    thats not beth phoenix JS

  • Robert Hall

    WOW! Amazing how someone’s hair can go from SHORT to LONG in two months! What kind of chemicals is he putting in that mop? I need some of that! If that’s a current photo, I’m a flippin monkey…

  • JK

    In spite of this photo, Beth and Edge are reported to be dating. The two attended a hockey game together on May 30th and the real photos show Edge with short hair.

  • Robert

    I lay odds that ain’t Beth Phoenix.She hasn’t the same facial Charastics.No that don’t look like Beth and I’ve seen her up close>I got my photo taken with her 2/26/11 Fort Wayne.And that ain’t Beth.She was doing a SmackDown house show and was Face .Then.I just took a look at my Desk top and faces are n’t the same.

  • Mindy James

    that’s not beth phoenix guys.

  • Grant Bjorkelund

    Its diffo not beth, get the right picture, that picture is before he retired over a year ago

    • Grant Bjorkelund

      Thought it was brook hogan

  • anonymous
  • anonymous

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