PHOTO: Jack Swagger’s New Look!

Matt Boone November 6, 2012 8

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  • Ryan Ennis

    Give him a manager, get rid of the All-American American aka Kurt Angle Jr gimmick and they may have something

  • nazugrim

    mom always said you can polish a turd, but you still have a piece of shit.

  • Nardo Santana Jr.

    He looks like a bigger miz..

  • john golding

    think he’s going for a Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) look

  • TyIdeas

    I spy with my little eye, Wade Barrett in the back!

  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • Matthieu de West

    what’s up with another wrestler growing facehair ??

    D-brian , cody roads , wade barret , ryback hell even matt striker grew some facemoss and now swagger as well ??

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