PHOTO: New Look Shane McMahon Pic! Whoa!

Ryan Clark February 17, 2013 9

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  • Mark Martin

    He looks so old

  • Elmer Delara

    he looks very old this isnt the shaneomac we saw in the wwf/e

  • dolla

    He looks like doc brown from back to the future

  • Yack Danielz

    that boy has had some STRESS over the years …. full grey damn

  • Robert Werner

    He’s not only old, but he’s put on a few extra pounds. Look at those moobs.

  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • Creature_of_the_Night


    Shane’s hair looks funny :-P

    He had some classic moments in the Attitude Era when WWF was still a wrestling company.

    Still remember those – jumping off the titantron on Show – Angle landing him on his head.

    Those were the days – before Vinnie Mac and Levesque and Princess sold out for their stupid store contracts.

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