PHOTO: Nikki Bella Drinking At A Bar!

Matt Boone October 3, 2013 5

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  • Creature_of_the_Night

    Um – yoo hoo

    Excuse me?

    Wasn’t Serena Deeb fired for having a drink in a bar?

    And don’t use a fake storyline everyone knows is fake as an excuse either.

    Bet you Nikki doesn’t get fired though because of who she’s sleeping with.


    • David

      She had a drinking problem not nikki your a complete moron you know that?


      I think it had to do with they told her not to be seen drinking in public since her character was strait edge but she kept going out to clubs, and ya I remember on Total Divas one of the Bellas fell out of the booth drunk, she may have caught a break because of the show or Cena or D Bri, don’t remember which one it was…

  • anonymous
  • anonymous

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