PHOTO: WWE “Hell In A Cell” Poster w/ Punk!

Matt Boone August 27, 2012 8

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  • Ryan Ennis

    hmmm… i wonder if hes gunna be a full blown heel? Oh, theres the answer. lol Fucking wwe

  • Rich

    lol hilarious poster but this poster is implying satan WWE, that’s not very PG of you.

    • Joe Burgett

      Pretty sure Satan is used in the bible. That’s as PG or G as it gets. PG also has a bigger window than people think anyway, especially in primetime hours

      • Rich

        Yeah well the way WWE goes overboard with everything nowadays, plus I was being a little on the sarcastic side :)

  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • stone cold 4 life

    that’s a pretty badass poster

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