PHOTOS: AJ & Her Boyfriend On Vacation!

Matt Boone November 19, 2012 14

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  • Doubting thomas

    Am I the only one with the first thought “he’s using her to get into the WWE?”

  • Matthew

    Unless I’m wrong, this picture are old….I’m pretty sure they dated a few years ago, and they’ve sense broken up….unless they got back together?

    • Dan

      Who is dating trent barretta? Why did i think she was? I think one of the Divas is or was. lol.

  • Ryback


  • Dan Piekarz

    I know where that D&B is lol…Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY

  • Redjohn

    anybody else think that AJ’s boyfriend looks a lot like Jay Lethal?

    • sabrina

      i thought that was him

  • Malik J Williams

    AJ is with Trent.

  • Paul Todd

    She doesn’t look very TV friendly in those pics. I’ve seen other pics of her and she looks so different. I’m sure these are older no?

  • Paul Todd

    Also why are the pics so poor in quality? Deffo think they are older ones.

  • He who knows the situation

    She was using him to get into TNA, she got into WWE, then dropped him like a bad habbit

  • juneyvill sluggah

    yeah i was thinking the same thing like him and jay lethal could be twins

  • anonymous
  • anonymous

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