PHOTOS: Darren Young & His Boyfriend!

Ryan Clark August 16, 2013 18

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  • NWO.DangerDanger


  • Waylon Mercy


    • Jonathan Turbide

      Not as much as pretending to be a pathetic wrestling character from the mid 90′s, THAT’s creepy as hell.

      • Waylon Mercy

        I’ve got your blood on my hands you know what I mean ;-) ?

  • vaultvenom

    disgusting……all them divas this dude sees all the time and he still gay ? Young got issues!!!

    • Mike Kennedy

      Fucking moron

  • Charlie Nonya

    Happy for him. It’s his life, he’s not hurting anyone.

  • Kid B

    Good for him….what he does in his personal life is his business.

  • elkornu835

    at least from that pic we know who is the bottom

  • Black Widow

    Beautiful couple… :)

  • Nxt Chapter

    he can sleep with anyone he wants to thats his GOD given right

  • yung_rottz

    they…have the exact same smile.. o_0

    • BeastxxxxMode

      And eyebrows, guess those eyebrows tell all

  • j

    Sorry not God given…… God given a woman to man… That’s his own nasty perverted decision…. Nasty sick confused Abomination

    • K.E.M

      Thank you, you narrow minded jerk who doesn’t know a thing about love. Hey dickwad, ever heard the verse “God loves all his children” If you are going to quote a book written decades ago, get the useful ones.

  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • Kheigh

    Darren has that smile like he’s the one on the receiving end of things.

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