PHOTOS: New WWE NXT Championship Belt!

Matt Boone July 13, 2012 8

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  • Tommy Colosi

    Oh man. I had such high hopes. Why are new belts so ugly?

    • Pretty Tony

      I’ll tell you why.. Because a HUGE corporation like a WWE are cheap asses. No originality,lack of creativity. NO appreciation for the roster/championships. Need I say more?

  • DaKidd NdaChi

    Jeez cant get more obnoxious than that! Bad… real bad.

  • J.Burke

    First the new ECW belt, than the Tag Team titles, now this one. 3 for 3 on the damn, that’s bad meter.

    • Curtis Rich

      more like 4 for 4, first the WWE championship, then ECW belt, than the Tag Team titles

  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • doug niebergall

    it is really really nice that the wwe gives special needs people work in their design department. well done……:)

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