PHOTOS: The *NEW* WWE Title Belt!

Ryan Clark August 22, 2012 20

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  • Chris

    Ugh. Keep the spinner. Or bring back the “Undisputed” version 2. Or Winged Eagle. Or Hogan 86. Or the big green belt. Anything other than that.

  • Brad Bardy

    Hope they will add color

  • Derrick Kyle LeBrocq

    Bring back the ATTITUDE ERA belt. THAT belt has prestige.

    • Frankie Gradington

      that belt would be awesome

  • purp

    ugly. just plain ugly.

    • Frankie Gradington

      i agree

  • Steve Turcotte

    At least they picked the right guy to make it. Rick is awesome at machine work. I’d have to say it’s probably not done yet.

  • Omar Jafet Giovannetti-Sáez

    Dummies, wait until is finish to give your opinion

  • Gully Gu$to

    yeah that pic on the right is not a final product…….way too plain

  • N o D

    I’ll wait for the finish product then i will give my opinion

  • Wayne

    I still like the globes and eagles on the belts, not just a big logo

  • Terrence L. Carey Jr.

    The shell looks okay, i am sure it will look good when it is finished!.

  • DaKidd NdaChi

    yah they still need to leave a space for the name plate, of who the reigning champ is. Thats my gripe with the TNA belts, they dont have the name of the champ on them. Kinda like a trophy, where ur name is on the bottom.

  • bahlogan

    I think the LOGO on the belt is too big to match Vince McMahon’s big head attitude that he has. Sure he has the top program on TV but he does not have the best “WRESTLING” on TV or anywhere else. I feel like WWE is more like a soap opera that has now been designated to PG ratings. I also think that pushing the same old, same old, like JOHN CENA in particular is just lame, boring and worst of all he is lousy in the ring.

  • john

    is it just me, or is that belt plate way to thick?

  • Frank

    So sweet, could never stand that spinner belt, it’s run was way too long. Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

  • Clint Davis

    This belt looks stupid…

  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • matt

    where’s the rest of it!!

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