PHOTOS: Undertaker’s Real-Life 18 Yr. Old Son!

Matt Boone February 26, 2012 12

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  • EddyParera

    Isn’t this Sheamus’ son?? They are more similar than taker

    • mikemike69


  • Petar Petrov

    Was Undertaker’s first marriage with Sheamus’s mom ? :D

  • born_naughty

    You have to look at his face and not his hair/body. You do realize that Undertaker is naturally gingerhaired? And he used to have a very white skin to…

  • John Morgan

    And his step-mother is Michelle McCool… He must HATE his Dad’s luck with women. Lmfao.

  • dom

    just get him coverd with tatts and die his hair black with eye liner and he should be sweet ! lol

  • yung_rottz

    his son is a douche at times he keeps purposely scaring his father with threats of suicide then retracts it just to make him worry

    • James

      i mean that’s his way of saying “hey dad can i be the deadman when you retire?”

  • Charlie Phillips

    guess he didnt get his dads height

    • Harrys Savva

      He may still grow,u asshole.

  • anonymous
  • anonymous

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