Another Live Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW

Ryan Clark September 3, 2013 3

Another Live Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW


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Credit: Jason Rainwater

The Wells Fargo Arena was a full house other than the usual seats left empty for the static camera.

It was a hot crowd all night and definitely helped show WWE that Des Moines can be a location to come back regularly to.

The crowd was unique in that there were pockets of areas where fans were pro-Orton and pro-Bryan so there was a good back and forth between these sections.

Natalya got a good pop when she came out but that was trumped by AJ’s entrance as she is a big hit with the Des Moines crowd.

During the Cody Rhodes/Randy Orton match, a group of cos-players dressed as Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Jack the Snake, got big crowd chants. Security had to tell them to stay seated as not to overshadow the match.

JBL and Jerry Lawler chants hit high during the commercial breaks and both JBL and Jerry acknowledge it. Justin Roberts got a small chant and was very gracious in acknowledging it.

All in all, the Des Moines crowd was into it. After the dark match, CM Punk did not speak but you could see him mouthing the words “Thank you, Des Moines” and made sure to high five with everyone near the barricade taking extra time to talk with the children in the crowd as well.

Biggest Pops:
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
AJ Lee/Primetime Players for an honorable mention

Biggest Heat:
Triple H
Randy Orton
Stephanie McMahon
Big Show after hitting Daniel Bryan with the knockout punch
Paul Heyman during the dark match for making fun of Des Moines for an honorable mention.


  1. Creature_of_the_Night September 3, 2013 at 4:47 pm - Reply

    Security at WWE events is ridiculous – god forbid someone have some fun.

    But boy oh boy have fun in some way that WWE deems wrong, and you will here about it.

    Years ago when I was still going WWE events I always saw people get their signs removed, etc.

    Yell YES YES YES like an immature nincompoop, and WWE is fine with it – have fun with other people at the event, and security runs in, like an official with a towel if someone cuts themselves – ridiculous.

    And it always made me sick – even back when I still liked (hard to even write this – that’s how much I hate WWE) the company.

    But the WWE security is like the mafia or dictatorship – makes it feel weird and uncomfortable at events – never liked that.

    This, along with many things, PG, blood ban, using the word Universe, banning “wrestling”, making the divas less sexy, etc, Cole Lawler feud, etc, all these things added together brought me to where I am now – to my hatred of WWE. And actually the rise of Danielson and Traitor Punk because I just don’t see those guys as larger than life, interesting or having “IT” – they are midcarders in my eyes.

    Their DID YOU KNOWS, and kiddie attitude, and Wellness Policy, and holier than thou persona and SO conscious of their image instead of being rebel like they used to be – just made me hate them.

    Just don’t like the company – they lost their edginess.

    • Gary Mcbain September 4, 2013 at 9:18 am - Reply

      wellness policy? so a company testing there employees for illegal and dangerous drugs, as well as making sure they are safe and healthy is a bad thing? f##k you you nasty little p###k

  2. anonymous September 4, 2013 at 3:30 am - Reply

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