Backstage Update – Original Ziggler/Flair/Miz Storyline Plans

Ryan Clark January 24, 2013 5

Backstage Update – Original Ziggler/Flair/Miz Storyline Plans


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Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It was reported a while back that WWE was working on creative plans for Ric Flair and Dolph Ziggler. Word now is that the current angle we are seeing with The Miz, where he is using the figure four, was originally written for Dolph Ziggler’s babyface turn.

Those plans were put on hold and Ziggler was placed with Big E Langston and AJ Lee. Flair was then used to try and help The Miz’s face turn get over.

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  • ChrisD

    what a waste, would have been great with ziggler. Instead Flair gives Miz he rub and he can’t even take the timeto learn to apply the move properly!

    • Zachary Deuxberry

      If it means Ziggler turning face than I am glad they went with the Miz instead. Ziggler needs to stay a heel just like Orton should have stayed a heel and Jericho is always a heel.

  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • RickTheDick

    I’d mark out if ziggler turned face. Cuz nobody cares about Miz anymore. Miz don’t get much reaction whether he’s face or heel. he gets more of one as a heel. But ziggler gets big crowd reactions. I think he could get over as a face pretty well.

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