Chris Jericho Discusses Bray Wyatt’s Character, Fozzy, More

Ryan Clark July 19, 2014 0

Chris Jericho Discusses Bray Wyatt’s Character, Fozzy, More


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The Miami Herald has posted part two of their interview with Chris Jericho, in which he talks about Bray Wyatt’s character and music. The two have a match at WWE Battleground tomorrow night. Here are highlights:

On being busy: “The saying is, ‘Whenever you do something you love to do, you never work a day in your life,’ and I don’t, but everyday is full of activities and lots of things I got to do. I think Chris Jericho is pretty much an industry at this point…It’s always what I wanted to do. It’s always what I dreamed of doing, and I’ll never complain about any of it.”

On Bray Wyatt: “It’s different. It’s something nobody’s ever seen before. It’s a character that he’s really dropped into. People believe it’s real, and when people believe it’s real, they get into it. Same thing as heel Jericho from 2008 and 2009. People wanted to fight me on the streets for real. I was getting in fights with fans. People believed this character was the biggest %$#^& on earth, because that’s the way I played it. It’s like an Academy Award winning actor. When he wins an award, there’s a reason for that, because you believed the character. That’s what Bray’s doing. He dropped into it. He’s embraced it. He created it. It’s real. So it’s something the people haven’t seen before, and that’s why it’s getting over as good as it is. [The music] really fits the character. It’s a swampy type, groovy, New Orleans Cajun type vibe. It’s a little bit creepy, and that’s basically what the Wyatts are as well. It’s very important to have a good ring song that really matches your character to help you get into that character, before you go on stage. That’s very, very important.”

On keeping Fozzy and wrestling separate:“Whenever I was doing Fozzy, it seemed like I was always a bad guy in wrestling, so it wasn’t a good idea to promote the band when I’m also promoting myself as the most hated guy in [wrestling]. That’s why you have to keep those separate because people will jump out and go, ‘We’re supposed to hate Fozzy, because we’re supposed to hate Jericho.’ I keep them separate for a reason, because they’re two separate things, and they should be, and they are.”

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