Jim Ross Blogs – Multiple MITB Matches, The ROH PPV, Heyman

Ryan Clark June 18, 2014 0

Jim Ross Blogs – Multiple MITB Matches, The ROH PPV, Heyman


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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On His Podcasts: Compelling, riveting conversation with MVP is currently up at the Ross Report podcast that can be downloaded for FREE at podcastone.com and via iTunes. Going to prison as a 17 year old kid for an 18+ year conviction can change a man in many ways and obviously not always for the better. MVP talks candidly about his incarceration and how it affected him but more importantly how he came out on the ‘other side’ a changed man with a passion to live his dream as a professional wrestler and the obstacles that being a black, ex-convict presented him. MVP also talks in sobering terms of his former traveling partner the late, Chris Benoit and their relationship and how it developed in WWE notwithstanding Chris’ infamous final days of Benoit’s life. This is a great show because my guest is open, honest and raw with his thoughts and feelings. I hope that you will hit podcastone.com or iTunes and download the Ross Report for FREE today. Thanks to you our single, weekly episode is staying in the iTunes Sports/Recreation chart top 300 in the top ten on an on going basis. We’ve only just begun to build a strong podcast brand and the best is yet to come. Enjoyed talking to Bubba Dudley aka Bully Ray Tuesday night for a Ross Report podcast that will drop on Tuesday July 9 at 6 pm pacific time. We talk Bubba’s early influences, his days in ECW, the great run that he and Devon had in WWE, the TLC matches that they were instrumental in helping build, an issue that Bubba had with Randy Orton, their dream opponents and who I would have loved to have seen the Dudley’s face back in the day. We also delve deeply into Impact Wrestling and what we both feel TNA needs to do to grow their brand. Hearing Bubba speak on the ECW locker room mindset and Paul Heyman’s @HeymanHustle influence on that matter was very interesting.

On Having Two MITB Matches: Having two MITB Ladder matches is a unique booking for one WWE PPV event. Quality control and exclusivity of spots, stunts, etc is extremely imperative plus the first MITB match of the night get the fresher of the audience. I’d assume the WWE World Title Ladder match will go on last which means that every participant in that bout must watch the first MITB contest. Communication between management and the talents on this particular event is especially imperative. The WWE Title MITB has seemingly more ‘catchers’ than ‘flyers’ so one can expect the other MITB match to be loaded with ‘daredevils.’

On The Upcoming Paul Heyman DVD: Highly recommend that you obtain a copy of the @HeymanHustle…Paul Heyman DVD which is going to be released soon. Pre order if you prefer but don’t miss out on what could easily be the best DVD of the year. Yes, I was interviewed back in March for it but have no idea how much of my contributions were utilized. Nonetheless I still feel that this will be a compelling story and I’m happy that I was able to provide Paul his first, national TV break when he became my broadcast partner in the TBS/WCW days. He was and still is a brilliant student of the game. If you want to be a manager, know that it’s a challenge to find work but you can learn a great deal watching Paul plus the 3D Wrestling Academy takes manager wannabes.

On ROH PPV Promotion: I’m hearing that ROH promos on cable systems are increasing but I’ve yet to see one. Nonetheless I hope it ‘s not too little too late to help them on their journey in to PPV TV. As wrestling fans, we need ALL organizations to do well and to cumulatively help rebuild an eroding TV audience.

You can read Jim’s full blog by clicking here.

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