The Undertaker’s Return?, RAW Backstage Fallout Video

Ryan Clark February 26, 2013 4

The Undertaker’s Return?, RAW Backstage Fallout Video


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– The Undertaker is expected to return next week to begin his program with CM Punk. Punk’s promo about “The Beginning”, “The End”, “Icon”, “Legend”, “God”, etc. as well as hitting the “Tombstone Piledriver” on John Cena during the main event was the setup for ‘Taker’s return. This is also part of the reason for the “old school” theme set for next week’s RAW.

– Here is this week’s edition of WWE RAW “Backstage Fallout”:

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  • Dave Dubay

    It was a regular piledriver not a tombstone come on man.

  • Adam Fernandez

    punks promo was classic every word gave me goosebumps this taker vs punk match may turn out to steal the show and i cant wait to takers music hit and see punks reaction

  • anonymous
  • KillJoy

    none of that has anything to do with the undertaker it was a regular promo ..stick to copying and pasting and stealing from other sites u fuckin fake journalist stick to weather

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