Today’s Wrestling Birthdays + Mick Foley Comedy Recap

Ryan Clark August 5, 2013 2

Today’s Wrestling Birthdays + Mick Foley Comedy Recap


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Partial Source:

– Stan Lane turns 60 years old today.

– Pat Tanaka turns 52 years old today.

– Frankie Kazarian turned 36 years old yesterday.

– Dean Malenko turned 53 years old yesterday.

– The Great Saske turned 47 years old yesterday.

Mark Bureau sent this one in:

Last night, I went to the Punchline in Sandy Springs (Atlanta), GA to see the Mick Foley comedy show. The place was packed with wrestling fans. It was a great night.

Foley told some amazing wrestling stories, specifically one about the famous Hell In A Cell match, some things I have never heard before, yet they were funny as hell. He talked about how, after he was stretchered out and got off the stretcher, how he climbed the cage again and then Undertaker choked slammed him through the cage back into the ring.

Terry Funk made his way into the ring and walked by Undertaker and Taker casually said to Funk.. “See if he’s alive”. When was it was evident he was “not dead” Taker leaned over Foley and said… “Go Home” and (I can’t remember which ref he said this about) told Foley… (who was still a bit groggy according to the story), we are going to stretcher you out.. To which Foley said… “haven’t I already been stretchered out tonight?”, and the ref said.. “yes” and Foley replied.. “sorry, I can’t be stretchered out twice in the same night”, and somehow he finished the match with the planned finish.

Foley told great storied of traveling with Jake Roberts (the story where Roberts pissed all over him in Detroit) and of Stunning Steve Austin and DDP traveling together… oh.. Before I forget.. The opening act was a former WWF writer Jennifer Bloodsworth, who had a good portion of her act dedicated to the “tearing down” of Ric Flair. It was all good humor, but knowing Flair, it was all probably true. And Foley had a pretty monologue about Hogan, and the sex tape, brother….

Then Foley did something that was full of absolute class. He allowed the audience to take pictures, and brought out… Jake the Snake Roberts, DDP and Scott Hall for a very lengthy Q&A session. Both Jake and Scott looked tremendous, seriously. And the audience gave DDP all the respect in the world for his reaching out to them. This was an absolute fun night. I brought my wife Karen, who admittedly, had a great time, even though she didn’t understand the wrestling related humor.

One last thing… Foley was actually in the Atlanta area going to Santa Claus school. That’s right. He graduated from the school this past weekend. It was legit, as all his Santa class mates were invited to the show, and the Head Santa, was actually invited to do a short five minute routine on stage.

This was absolutely a phenomenal night.

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