When Is Brock Lesnar Expected To Return To WWE?, More

Ryan Clark October 2, 2013 11

When Is Brock Lesnar Expected To Return To WWE?, More


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Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

WWE.com has an article that looks at the “top champions the McMahons never wanted”, which includes Steve Austin and Daniel Bryan, among others.

– Brock Lesnar is expected to return in January to be part of the Royal Rumble and the start of WrestleMania season.

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  • Creature_of_the_Night

    Mania season – what a surprise.

    Fat pasty hillbilly is a waste.

    Getting old – WWE bringing back the old guys every Mania season – Callaway and his stupid fake streak.

    MAN I hate WWE with every fiber of my being – and their fans (Universe) too.

    Horrible people.

    And YES, I DO think I’m better.

    • Default1988

      So whats the difference between Taker and Sting? At least Taker only “takes” a younger talents “spot” one time a year….Why not complain about Sting “takin” a “spot” from younger talent EVERY WEEK? Again WWE and TNA are BOTH scripted….what part of that is so hard for you to understand? And newsflash you’re not the only one that knows it…….If you hate WWE and their fans (who could be TNA fans too not just fans of WWE cuz believe it or not it is possible to like both) why bother following it? Your serious lack of logic is ridiculous and if this is the way you really feel then its sad…..

    • Creature_of_the_Night_Sucks

      but you still watch it, you’re actually a retard

      • Creature_of_the_Night

        You still read my posts?

        • The Governor


          • Ray Luna

            You are so very entertaining i agree with you on a lot of things keep it up

      • Creature_of_the_Night

        And you shouldn’t use “retard”as a derogatory term towards others, as that is insensitive and mean-spirited towards those who are disabled mentally and otherwise.

        Shows YOU are the one with real mental problems.

        BE A STAR!

    • Domenico

      You have some serious issues. I have never seen somebody so obsessed in such a negative way.

      Feel sorry for you,

  • Board_of_Creature_the_night

    I get you hate the wwe but why do you post on everything about them you must be some sad guy to feel you got to give your opinion to every post about the wwe, seriously keep them to yourself no one gives a crap about you or your opinion

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