WWE Considering Bringing The Nexus Back?

Ryan Clark September 22, 2012 17

WWE Considering Bringing The Nexus Back?


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WWE officials have reportedly discussed the possibility of bringing back the Nexus. The company was reportedly “shocked” when they heard fans doing Nexus chants on RAW during the Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel match and one of the top stories on WWE.com was one about whether Barrett might reunite the group.

A source in the company said, “The only reason for putting up a top story on the website about a glorified squash match is to hear more from the fans.”

Officials feel it would give Barrett a chance to lead the stable again and would showcase him to look as strong as they can and the Nexus brand sold a ton of merchandise. The company plans to see if the Nexus chants continue and are working on ideas for if they move ahead.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/tim.krieger.161 Tim Krieger

    I would love to see Nexus again. Being a major CM Punk fan, I do have to say that he could have done a way better job with them than he did. It would be nice to see multiple stables form up again. Definitely a huge way to improve to program if you ask me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charles.seibert.9 Charles Seibert

    At least bringing back The Nexus would be something worth watching instead of the same old stuff every single week! How many times are we forced to watch Cena and Rey Mysterio every single week!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ritchard.ritch Ritchard Ritch

    I’d prefer to see Nexus as a strong on going stable(like the horsemen) rather than a come in strong and burn out fast thing like it was before.


    Seems like a step backwards to me. These guys are just getting traction as individuals (sort of). However, as a fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing Nexus back.

  • Dexter

    If Nexus were brought back, they would have to stay a long time. You just don’t bring something back to disappear in the next month. This could be the bridge that Wade Barrett might need to jump to the Main Event and wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship. Barrett is deserving that title more than Sheamus in my criteria. I like Sheamus but…

  • http://twitter.com/chapin2709 Adam Fernandez

    BRING THEM BACK! it would be great to see wade be a leader again and give some of the other younger talent a chance to shine and get some tv time with him, i do agree it needs to stay around for a while, if they wanna break it up do it at ws29 some howbut give it time to develop

  • Clint

    Bring them back as a 4-6 man stable with Paul Heyman as their manager/spokesman. You could have Barrett, Prime Time Players, and a few more young talents who need more exposure. Kind of a 4 Horsemen meets NWO type thing.

  • DTruth316

    We Are One!

  • betterthanyou

    “IF” (and thats a big if) they do it, of course it couldnt have all the original members. I’d say Barrett, as the leader, MAYBE the Prime Time Players, and MAYBE Slater. Although Slater continues to go with the “one man band” line, it would contradict being in a stable. Gabriel is just getting started with Tyson Kidd as a team, while WWE is trying to build the Tag division, Daniel Bryan is beyond being in a stable. And Ryback is getting over a lot more with fans, and is about to get an IC title run. SO, theres a lot of factors in the way of a Nexus reunion. However I’d take my shirt and armband out of the closet proudly if it happened.

    • betterthanyou

      and Otunga is so irrelevant, i forgot to mention him in my original response!

    • betterthanyou

      and Otunga, is so irrelevant i forgot to mention him!

    • the_devils_cock

      I prey to God Ryback doesn’t get any kind of title run. No doubt my prayers will go unanswered though

  • http://twitter.com/RGEEZY KillerKali

    Barrett, Ryback, and Bryan

  • Mark Newbold

    Do what they did with DX, bring in the New Age Outlaws. A new Nexus, led by Barratt (who is just awesome on the mic and can go in the ring) would be a lot of fun, and if they were attacking anyone and everyone – face and heel alike – then it could be incendiary stuff. Could make for some unlikely alliances between heel and faces just to keep Nexus at bay.

  • http://bestdatingsonly.wordpress.com/ anonymous
  • http://bestdatingsonly.wordpress.com/ anonymous
  • Doc Madden

    The Nexus was a good concept when they first debuted back in 2010. But of course, WWE had to fuck it up and ruin it. Bringing it back would be kinda pointless but still entertaining than any of the crap there putting on right now. As long as they actually showcase all the members, instead of treating it like a nWo ripoff then maybe it’ll have a chance at being good.

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